About Us

First, there’s really no “us.” There’s just me – John. I’ve been tutoring test prep and math for 15 years now, and, after a bit of prodding, I’ve decided to share what I know about the GMAT with everyone, not just my students.

The Blog

Occasionally I’ll have some guest bloggers, and you’ll be able to find selected, more specialized, posts at other sites like Prep4GMAT and MyGuru Tutoring and Test Prep.


The MATHFACTors is the feature of this site that I am most excited about. It’s an interactive set of flashcards focused on the basic facts successful test takers should be able to recall instantly. Consistent use of the MATHFACTor will make you a more efficient test taker. It will allow you to see the big picture without sweating the details – you’ll  be focused on the forest, not the trees.