Challenge Problem 1 2016

If \({5}^{k^2}\times{25}^{2k}\times{625} = 25\times {\sqrt[4]{5}}\), which of the following is a possible value of \(k\)?

(A) \(-1\)

(B) \(-\Large\frac{1}{2}\)

(C) \(0\)

(D) \(\Large\frac{1}{2}\)

(E) \(1\)

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Exponents and Roots Quiz

This is a set of GMAT PS and DS problems concerning exponents and roots. If you struggle with these problems then you might want to take a content quiz on the fundamentals of exponents and roots. You have 30 mins to complete the 15 questions

Exponents and Roots

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Testing Numbers in Quantitative Comparison

\(x\), \(p\), and \(q\) are integers, and \(p\) is greater than \(q\)

Quantity A                              Quantity B

 \( x^{2p}\)                                             \(x^{2q}\)

(A) Quantity A is greater.

(B) Quantity B is greater.

(C) The two quantities are equal.

(D) The relationship cannot be determined from the information given.

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