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The 2017 Official Guides

Working with my students I have noticed a couple of errors in the latest version of the Official Guide. When I investigated I found that there are a lot of errors – 60 by my count as well as 6 grammatical errors in their guide to the SC questions!!!

This includes the errors in the Guide for Verbal Review and the Guide for Quantitative Review.

Links to the errata documents:

It may be possible to get a refund or a replacement copy once they have issued a second edition of the guide, but I’m not holding my breath.

All in all, this isn’t too surprising. I’m not sure if this is Wiley’s or GMAC’s fault, but it’s definitely reflective of GMAC’s approach to the OG’s and the exam packs: the 2015 and the 13th OG are exactly the same. The diagnostic test hasn’t changed since the exams were paper based and doesn’t really reflect the content on the actual exam. The new material is nice, but the old material is REALLY OLD. The exam pack software is ridiculously bad and the scores don’t really reflect actual scores – at least this is my experience.

The material is still better than anything else available, but they can do better – especially if they are going to continue charge $250. The GRE is considerably cheaper and is accepted by most top tier schools (maybe all).